Five Tips to Bring Your Home Into 2021

Posted in Interior Lighting

Five Tips to Bring Your Home Into 2021

2021, we are ready for you and just like in every other aspect of life, our homes are ready for you too!  This past year has shown us how important home is and as such, how important it is to love our spaces. 

It’s time we talk about your home in the best light — it’s time for some New Year, New Home goals.  2021 is all about tone, texture and tech, so we’ve broken down the top five lighting trends for 2021 that you can easily incorporate into your home.

Adding Elements of Warmth

When we talk about adding elements of warmth to your space, we aren’t talking about adding heat pumps and fireplaces (though, we will never ever say no to a cozy fireplace).  We are talking about adding tones and textures that evoke warmth through finishes and materials.  Think soft antique brass, rustic bronze, soft linen.

Adding warm finishes and textures to your space will help create a space that feels comfortable and welcoming.  Even if you prefer that “all white everything” look, you can add elements of warmth though smaller decor pieces and lamps.

Focusing on Sustainability

We LOVE seeing our favourite fixtures being offered in LED.  Even the most traditional fixtures tend to have LED options, and if not, LED bulbs are readily available. 

Making the (very!) easy switch to LED will not only save you some money over the years, but also allow you to feel good about doing your part to help in keeping our planet healthy and happy.