Cold Winters Call for Warm Interiors

Posted in Interior Lighting

Cold Winters Call for Warm Interiors

If there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that these cold months leave us craving some warmth.  While some of us are all about the winter (we’re always up for a ski trip or a winter wonderland walk), aren't some of the best parts warming up in front of the fire, or snuggling up in your coziest blanket?  Or, maybe you’re someone who is forever chasing the sunshine, loving that warmth against your skin, and the beautiful way the sun turns everything into the most magical shades of gold and amber.  Regardless, that one thing we all love: warmth in one form or another

We have great news for you (yes, even you lovers of snow!) — it’s so easy to warm up your interior spaces without actually increasing the temperature!  Cold winters call for warm interiors, and this can be achieved through your lighting and the finishes and textures in your home.

Here are a few ways you can warm up your interiors during the cold winter:

1. Opt for “warm” finishes

The word warm has a few different meanings.  While we aren’t suggesting your fixtures should be warm to touch (that may be a sign that something isn’t quite as it should be!), we are suggesting selecting fixtures in finishes that evoke feelings of warmth.  These finishes are typically variations of brass, bronze and pewters.