Modern Collection

The Visual Comfort Modern Collection, formerly known as Tech Lighting, offers iconic and enduring lighting solutions, enhancing the environments where people reside, work, play, and beyond. In collaboration with the globe's most gifted designers, artisans meticulously craft a thoughtfully curated selection of innovative and authentically original products. Each piece is a testament to their commitment to utilizing the finest materials and premium finishes, ensuring a blend of beauty and functionality.

Modern Collection Canada Designer Lighting

When it comes to sleek designs, pure lines and modern vibes, Modern Collection is the way to go. The brand prides itself on providing innovative products with an iconic touch without ever compromising quality.

Whether you are looking for a bright and pure lighting installation for your creative space, a comforting lamp for the longer days at the office, or a welcoming architectural lighting fixture for your boutique, you’ll easily find it with Modern Collection Canada.

Among Tech Lighting’s team of designers features Kelly Wearstler, who is known for carefully merging modern and vintage aesthetics. Her high quality pieces are always pushing boundaries, all while remaining accessible.

Simply imagine a sophisticated outdoor light such as the Chara 26 Outdoor Wall, subtly and efficiently illuminating the entrance to your house. Its minimalist yet impactful design works as well with most conservative décors as with eclectic ones.

Brighten up your hallway with an original design like the Boxie Large Flush Mount and you’ll feel at home the second you come through the door. Thanks to its efficient integrated LED bulb, you’ll never lose sight of your keys or gloves while putting on your coat.

Modern Collection also offers show stoppers for the most adventurous. Your dining room or living room will never be the same with an imaginative piece such as the Audra Pendant. This gorgeous pendant appears as a perfect balance between the organic feeling of water and the modern pureness of clear glass.

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700PRTKARB-LED927 $891.00

Karla Table Lamp

700WSKISWWC-LED830-277 $742.00

Kisdon Wall

700WSKENW-LED930-277 $659.00

Kenton Wall

700LSESN1R-LED930 $858.00

Essence Linear Suspension

700OWWNDB-LED277 $888.00

Windfall Outdoor Wall

700OWNTE9I-LED930 $223.00

Nate 9 Outdoor Wall

700TDSYRGPB-LED930 $2,462.00

Syrma Grande Suspension

700FMLFOW-LED930-277 $722.00

Lifo Flush

700MOHRZFS-LEDS930 $645.00

Horizon Pendant

700PRTEVTB-LED927 $906.00

Everett Table Lamp

700OBSYN83042CZUNVSLF $1,482.00

Syntra 42 Outdoor Bollard

700BCTIGOR24C-LED930-277 $3,731.00

Tigris Mirror Oval

700PRTMINANB-LED927 $1,084.00

Mina Table Lamp

700LSESN3S-LED930 $2,109.00

Essence Trio Linear

700MPCPTCS-LED930 $858.00

Captra Pendant

700FMJNIN-LED930 $653.00

Joni Ceiling